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1.Many people have tried a thousand times before they achieve their goals.(夸张)

2.Only a madman would choose to live in a modern city.(夸张)

3.Our life would be like soup without salt or flowers without sunlight.(比喻)

4.The best way is to reduce,reuse and recycle.(头韵)

5.For children.the Internet is another way to waste more hours.(幽默)

6.If you want to earn a satisfactory grade in the training program,you must arrive punctually,you must behave courteously,and you must study conscientiously.(平行结构)




1.They gave me what I need,but not what I want.

析:want可译为“想要”。从汉语角度看,整个句子是流畅的,但从英语的逻辑上看,want与need的意义极易混淆,因此整个句子意义表达不到位,含糊不清。可以改为:They have given me what I need but not What I often ask for.

2.Maybe there are also some disadvantages of living in a city,but I think they are less important.I feel convenient and comfortable.

析:句子后半部分的逻辑关系未交代清楚,令人有“前言不搭后语“的感觉。可以改为:Theere are surely disadvantages of living in a city,too,but they are less important and tend to be de-emphasized.For the sake of the advantages mentioned above,I prefer to live in a city.

3.Different people have different choices.Some people like living in a city and some people like living in a village.

析:Choice的含义十分宽泛,因此与后面的like不相称,应改为:Different people have different likes and dislikes.Some like to live in a city,others like to live in a village.

4.The people,the society and so on were quite different from now.

析:The people,the society依然不足以让读者完全理解要论述的话题,可改为:The peopIe,the society and other aspects of life were quite different from now.

5.Thieves should be sentenced for what they have done.

析:使用sentence未免言过其实,应改为:Thieves should be punished for their wrongdoing.



1.The Are No Good Reasons Why Boys and Girls Should Not Be Treated Equally.

析:此为一标题句,此作者滥用双重否定,从而使句子过长。宜改为:Boys and Girls Should Be Given Equal Treatment.

2.For instance,I knew how to communicate with other people and how to look after myself.The most important thing was that I learn to be independent.

析:从意义上讲,look after myself与independent关系紧密,可以合在一起。句子可改为:For instance,I knew how to communicate with others and how to look after myself as an independent girl.

3.Moreover,as some girls study harder than boys,they may be even superior.

析:moreover后若继续用从句,就会干扰读者的思维。可改为:Moreover,some girls are very dilgent.As a result,they may prove superior to ordinary boys.

4.What I mean to say is that well-intentioned law-makers sometimes make fools of themselves.

析:what从句并未提供新信息,故可删去。句子可改为:Well-intentioned law—makers sometimes make fools of themselves.



议论文的写作,住往从正反两方面来论述,且都有其约定俗成的议论模式,即从“主题句一正面论述,反面论述一结论”四大块去营造文章的基本结构(四块论)。例如,某题目要求论述“学校规定‘课间学生只能呆在自己的教室里"对吗?”这一话题。如果作者认为学校的规定不对,他就应该在文章第一块(段)亮出自己的观点:There is currently much discussion about whether students should stay in their own classrooms or not during break times.Personally I believe that—。而第二块应该从正面论述“课间不能只呆在自己的教室里”的理由。比如可以说:I would argue that break times are our only opportunity to choose what we want to do. 第三块则从反面观点,即“课间只能呆在自己的教室里”出发,批驳对方观点或进一步阐述己方观点。例如可以说:Another reason why people say that students have to stay in their own classes at break times is that it would be difficult to organize dinners。最后一块(段)则用不同的语言再次强调已方观点。乍一看去,议论文“四块论”仿佛有“八股文”的嫌疑,但“四块论”符合人的认知规律,所以值得多多模仿和操练。





1.Firstly,it is very convenient in daily life.There are many shops and supermarkets in a city.I can buy everything I need easily in these places.When I am sick,I can easily see a doctor in any clinic or services are good in a city.when I want to go somewhere,I can take a bus,a train or something else.There are also many kinds of entertainment in a city.Public buildings(such as libraries)and parks can easity be found in a city,too.

2.First.it is convenient and comfortable to live in a begin with,there is good housing in a city,as all the houses and flats are well-equipped with good facilities and surrounded by modern amenities such as places of entertainment,public libraries and parks.


1.Students always feel relaxed and happy during breaks.(叙述性句子)

2.Break times are scheduled for about 10 minutes.(说明性句子)


Although some people believe that students should stay in their own classrooms during break times,I would like to argue that we should be allowed to spend break times in another class.

The most important reason for believing that is that many students have friends in other classes.We spend all day in our own classroom,and break times are the only time we have to spend with other friends.It can become very tedious(令人厌倦的)to have to spend even more time with the same people.

A further reason for allowing student to choose where they spend their break times is that it would stop arguements.If students are forced to spend time with classmates who are not good friends,they can annoy each other.This leads to problems that have to be sorted out by teachers.

Teachers argue that we all should stay in our own classes,because it is then easier to know what is going on.They say that it is difficult to keep track of students when they are walking round the corridors.However,students could be given the chance to choose a different classroom to spend the whole break time in.That would mean that there would not be any students in the corridors.

As I have explained,although it might be a little easier to manage when everyone stays in their own classroom,it would make break times happier for all students if they were allowed to choose where they spent their time.




1、 提出问题——论点

2、 分析问题——论证




道理论证   正、反事例

3、 解决问题或联系实际

4、 得出结论


1、 题目的写法。题目一定要反映出文章的体裁,切不可拟一些类似散文或者记叙文的题目。一般有两种写法:第一种指明文章论述范围;第二种题目就是论点,这种写法很特别也很醒目,大多数情况下效果很好,读到下文会给阅卷人一种紧扣题目的大局感。

2、 开头第一段的写法。如果是给材料议论文,则该段必须将材料压缩到60%左右,以此提醒阅卷人考生具备概括材料的能力;如果是话题作文,则可谈论一些与下文论点有关的现象或者事实,不宜超过80字。

3、 第二段为论点段。论点必须独占一段!这是一个最简单但又最有效的方法。论点宁可不新颖,也绝对不要有争议,更不能出现立场上的错误。

4、 第三至第五段为分论点论述。这三段的开头均为一个分论点,这三个分论点之间可以有两种关系:一种是平行扩展关系,另一种是递进关系,这种设置分论点的方法体现了逻辑的准确与思路的清晰,给人一种高水平认识的感觉。分论点的句式最好使用统一的句式,如排比。每段论证中一定要有自己的论述,这一点非常重要,否则你的论证将被认为是堆砌事例和名言而毫无说服力。同时,这三段的字数要保持大体一致,不可有的段字数过多,有的段字数过少。有字数要求的作文主要靠这三段凑够字数,按800字的要求,这三段最少也要占到500字,也就是文学上常说的“猪肚”。

5、 第六段是辩证分析段。任何理论都不过是一种假设,绝对的结论容易产生偏颇,因而一段辩证的分析能使立论更为严密周全。这一段主要是为了体现考生具有辩证思维的能力,不必过多,几十字即可,防止将论点极端化以后出现漏洞。

6、 第七段要联系生活现实。可以指出论点在现实中的指导意义,更可以联系时事,给人一种眼界开阔、关心国家大事的感觉。

7、 最后一段可以用抒情句式发出鼓励或者号召。此段千万不要多写,一句足矣。

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